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Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick: $30.00

This tool saves your knuckles from painful contact with the teeth of your drum carder while you are removing the batt from the large drum. It will not bend as does a knitting needle. Used correctly, the batt picker also saves the drum and card cloth from becoming damaged.


Doffer: $20.00

The Doffer/Cleaner brush is used to clean the large drum after you have removed the batt. It looks similar to a "Flicker" but with different points. Our Doffers are 2" wide and 4 ½" long. The pads have ½" long points spaced 72 per square inch. Use the center portion of the Doffer brush to contact the curve of the large drum. Starting at the seam, swipe the Doffer brush down the drum in the same direction as the teeth on the drum. Continue across the width of the drum. Slowly rotate the drum backwards as you use the brush to clean the entire drum.


Teasing Tool: $39.00

The new and very convenient Teasing Tool is used to open locks and matted tips and tease fiber prior to carding. Also, use it to remove vegetable matter from the locks. It comes with a "C" clamp to attach the tool to the work surface. Both hands are free to work the fiber. Larger than a Flicker, you can prepare fiber faster with the Teasing Tool. The wood base measure 6-1/2" long x 6" wide. The available area for doing the fiber preparation is 3" long x 5" wide.


Table Clamps for Chain Drive Carders: $25.00

Table clamps to secure the chain drive carder to the work surface. They are included in the accessories package with any of the "Finest" series and with all the Mad Batt'r carders. They are available as an option with the 200 series (standard width and double wide) drum carders. It's a set of two clamps and will fit tables up to 1-7/8" thick.


Table Clamp for Petite: $20.00

Table clamps to secure the Petite to the work surface. One is included with every Petite. This clamp will fit tables up to 2-1/4" thick.


Flicker: $20.00

Use the flicker as shown above to separate locks and matted fiber prior to spinning.
The flicker pad measures 2-1/8" wide x 4-1/2" long.


Cleaning brush for Drum Carder Infeed Drum: $5.00

The brush is 4-3/4” long by 1-1/4” wide with four rows of soft, stiff bristles.
A high quality brush used to clean pieces of fiber and debris off of the small infeed drum.


Cotton Seed Flicker: $20.00 set of both / $11.00 each

A great way to tease your cotton and easily remove the seed.

Watch our informative video: Click here

Available in two pin densities: coarse- 36 TPI (teeth per sq. in.) and fine-72 TPI. Which one to choose is a matter of personal preference. Most folks choose the specially priced combo set containing one flicker of each pin density.

Comfortable 5" long handle with a 1" x 2" wood base.

Combo set of both flickers is $20.00
Individual flickers are $11.00 each


Hand Card Cleaner: $7.00

Use it to clean fiber out of your cards, as a Mini-flicker, as a tree ornament. It even cleans Velcro!
(wood base: 1" x 2", 128 teeth/sq. inch).


Diz: $7.00

This high quality 2-1/4" diameter diz is made of strong polyamide resin.

As shown on many of our YouTube videos, these dizes have the proper size holes for making the right diameter roving. The curved shape makes pulling fiber off our drum carders easy and comfortable.


Replacement Parts:

We maintain a full compliment of spare parts for all our products.
All our products are very durable and very seldom need repair parts. Belts on the other hand do tend to stretch and will occasionally need to be replaced.
Note: To extend the life of drive belts, remove them from the machine when you are finished for the day.

Petite replacement belt: $10.00

Polyurethane is detrimentally affected by sunlight and oxygen. After 5-10 years the urethane belt used on the Petite drum carder may crack and break. New belts are readily available from us.

Clemes & Clemes replacement belt: $14.00

There are still a lot of those older machines out there! We do stock replacement belts for them. The Clemes & Clemes uses only one size belt.

Ball winder replacement drive belt: $9.00

Yes, I do keep them in stock. When ordering, specify whether it's for the newer 15" long base winder or the older 14" models. These belts for the 14" base will also fit the old, obsolete Fricke ball winders.