Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. - 2017 Pricing

Drum Carders, Chain Drive

NOTE: All Strauch carders come with the brush attachment
Series 400 - "Finest"
Model# Description Price
DC-405 Oak Finish Wood Frame - Standard Width $880.00
DCM-405 Motorized - Standard Width $2065.00
DC-405x2 Oak Finish Wood Frame - Double Wide $1180.00
DCM-405x2 Motorized - Double Wide $2365.00
Series 200
Model# Description Price
DC-205 Wood Frame - Standard Width $755.00
DC-205x2 Wood Frame - Double Wide $1060.00
Series 300 - "Mad Batt'r"
Model# Description Price
DC-302 Wood Frame - Standard Width $835.00
DCM-302 Motorized - Standard Width $1990.00
DC-302x2 Wood Frame - Double Wide $1135.00
DCM-302x2 Motorized - Double Wide $2290.00

Drum Carders, Belt Drive

Model# Description Price
DC-P05 Petite $585.00

Brush Attachments

Still available for older Strauch carders sold without the B/A
Model# Description Price
BA-Std Brush Attachment for Series 200 carders. $75.00
BA-x2 Brush Attachment for Series 200x2 carders. $112.00
BA-P Brush Attachment for Petite carders. $75.00

Ball Winder

Model# Description Price
BW Jumbo Ball Winder $180.00

Swift/Skeinwinders - Standard

Floor Model
Model# Description Price
SWF-O Oak $244.00
SWF-C Cherry $264.00
SWF-W Walnut $290.00
SWF-M Maple $250.00
Table Model
Model# Description Price
SWT-O Oak $219.00
SWT-C Cherry $239.00
SWT-W Walnut $265.00
SWT-M Maple $225.00
Table and Floor - 3-set Combination
(includes: umbrella section, floor and table bases)
Model# Description Price
SWC-O Oak $258.00
SWC-C Cherry $284.00
SWC-W Walnut $315.00
SWC-M Maple $266.00

Swift/Skeinwinders - Mini

Mini Umbrella Section Only
(for those who already have a floor or table base)
Model# Description Price
MUM-O Oak $147.00
MUM-C Cherry $159.00
MUM-W Walnut $177.00
MUM-M Maple $150.00
Floor Model
Model# Description Price
MSF-O Oak $184.00
MSF-C Cherry $201.00
MSF-W Walnut $223.00
MSF-M Maple $189.00
Table Model
Model# Description Price
MST-O Oak $171.00
MST-C Cherry $188.00
MST-W Walnut $211.00
MST-M Maple $177.00
Table and Floor - 3-set Combination
(includes 1 Mini umbrella section, 1 Floor base and 1 Table base)
Model# Description Price
MSC-O Oak $196.00
MSC-C Cherry $218.00
MSC-W Walnut $245.00
MSC-M Maple $203.00

Swift/Skeinwinders - Separate Bases

Separate Floor Base
Model# Description Price
SFB-O Oak $69.00
SFB-C Cherry $75.00
SFB-W Walnut $80.00
SFB-M Maple $71.00
Separate Table Base
Model# Description Price
STB-O Oak $44.00
STB-C Cherry $50.00
STB-W Walnut $55.00
STB-M Maple $46.00

Hand Cards

Priced per pair
PLEASE NOTE: Specify curved or flat (same price)
Model# Description Price
HC/WL-RG 8-inch Wool Hand Cards $93.00
HC/WL-CH 6-inch Wool Hand Cards $84.00
HC/CT-RG 10-inch Cotton / Fur Hand Cards $95.00
HC/CT-HF 5-inch Cotton / Fur Hand Cards $77.00
Mini Hand Cards
Priced per pair
Model# Description Price
MHC-set Mini Hand Cards $20.00
ORN Hand Card Cleaner $7.00
Replacement Pads for Hand Cards
Priced per pair
Model# Description Price
HCP/WL-RG 8-inch Wool Replacement Pads $74.00
HCP/WL-CH 6-inch Wool Replacement Pads $67.00
HCP/CT-RG 10-inch Cotton / Fur Replacement Pads $76.00
HCP/CT-HF 5-inch Cotton / Fur Replacement Pads $61.00


Priced per item unless listed
Model# Description Price
CL-200 Clamps for Series 200 Carders, 2 per set $25.00
CL-P Clamp for Petite Carders $20.00
CLX-BW Deeper Table Clamp for Jumbo Ball Winder and Table Swift/Skeinwinder $28.00
CL-BW Replacement Table Clamp for Jumbo Ball Winder and Table Swift/Skeinwinder $23.00
KSBP Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Picker $30.00
DB Doffer Brush $20.00
DDB Double Doffer Brush $29.00
TT-CL Teasing Tool $39.00
FL Flicker $20.00
CSF-fine Cotton Seed Flicker, fine (72 TPI) $11.00
CSF-coarse Cotton Seed Flicker, coarse (36 TPI) $11.00
CSF-set Cotton Seed Flicker, set of 1-fine & 1-coarse $20.00
3300 Cleaning Brush for Drum Carder Infeed Drum $5.00
DIZ Button Diz $7.00
ORN Mini Flicker & Hand Card Cleaner $7.00
6071 Petite Carder polyurethane drive belt $10.00
6072 Clemes & Clemes polyurethane drive belt $14.00

Prices Effective January 2017