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Yarn Swift/skeinwinder FAQ

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Why is my Swift so difficult to turn?

As more and more yarn is wound onto the skeinwinder, the yarn puts pressure on the arms, wanting to push the arms together. Much like folding a regular umbrella. The trick is to loosen the tension by slightly dropping down the adjusting ring.

Here's a video showing what I mean.

Prevent floor Swift from tipping

How can I prevent the floor Swift from tipping?

When the floor swift is used as a skeinwinder, as more and more yarn is wound, the winder becomes top heavy. To prevent tipping you can:
  1. Make sure the yarn swift/skeinwinder in is on a non-slip surface such as a carpet.
  2. Place your foot against one of the legs to keep the winder in place.
  3. Place a heavy weight on the base.

Holes in Swift upper arm

What is the purpose of the holes in the upper end of 3 arms?

You can use any one of these hole to tie your yarn onto one of the arms. This makes starting winding easier.

Swift teflon disc

Why is there a Teflon disc between the knob and the arm support disc?

There are actually two Teflon rings. One is between the knob and the arm support disc and another one is between the adjusting ring and the lower arm support disc.

As yarn is wound it gets tighter and tries to force the arms together. These two discs are placed to minimize friction and binding of the arm support discs.

Using Ball Winder and Swift together

How do I use the ball winder and Swift together?

Both the table and floor yarn swift/skeinwinder are designed to be easily used with the Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder. Set up a special area in your fiber room and have the Swift and jumbo ball winder work in tandem.

Pulling yarn off swift while winding

How do I pull the yarn off the Swift while winding a ball?

The yarn should flow evenly from the umbrella swift as it feeds through the eye rod onto the ball winder. Keep the winding speed reasonably constant. The yarn should be under a consistent tension, such as running through your hand, as it winds onto the ball winder. If you're forming a misshapen ball (a "bee hive" shape, for instance), hold the yarn tighter to increase tension. Winding too fast may cause the swift to get ahead of the ball winder, followed by too much tension when the ball winder has caught up.

How should I mount the table Swift?

To more easily use the table model as a skeinwinder, mount it on a shorter table so the top crank is lower and more accessible.

Can older Strauch Floor Swift/skeinwinders be upgraded?

Units built before March 2007 can be upgraded to be collapsible and convertible. The entire yarn swift/skeinwinder has to be sent back to us since many of the parts need to be replaced or modified. When returned to you, it will look and function the same but will now have the added versatility of being collapsible and be able to attach to the optional table base. The cost of this upgrade is $48.50 (plus shipping).

What is the guarantee on Strauch Swift/skeinwinders?

All Strauch Swift/skeinwinders come with the Strauch Guarantee.

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