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Welcome to the all new Strauchfiber.com v2.0!!

SFE produces high quality tools and equipment for fiber enthusiasts all around the world. We've completely redesigned our site with the reader's needs in mind. Our new website is packed with information about our products and how to use them.

For the technically minded, you can find extensive detail on how and why our products work as well as they do.

For businesses, our products are designed to increase your productivity and hence your profit. The durability, ease of use and low maintenance of the Strauch line is ideal for those running or planning to start a cottage-industry business.
All About Strauch Fiber

In 1991 we began making hand crafted floor Swift/Skeinwinders. As our hobby grew we wanted to expand. In March of 2000 we purchased the drum carding portion of a small west coast company and formed Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. The many improvements we've made to the original drum carder design have been so well received by the fiber arts community that the series of Strauch drum carders have become "The Standard of the Industry".

The Jumbo Ball Winder was added in 2005, and in 2007 we introduced our series of table model Swift/skeinwinders to compliment our original line of floor models.

Our products are Proudly Made in the USA. As part of our company mission Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. is dedicated to promoting American made products. Where possible, the components we use to manufacture our products are made in the USA. We even specify that the wood we use comes from U.S. forests.

We Reduce waste, Reuse, and Recycle. Over 90% of our packing paper and foam peanuts are given to us by local retailers who would rather not feed the landfill. The minimal amount of wood scrap that we generate is used to heat our workshop. We compost the sawdust and the wood shavings are used as animal bedding.

Strauch Fiber Equipment Company is committed to organizations that help people become independent, improve themselves and their communities. To this end we support groups such as Heifer International and 4-H.
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