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Mini Swift/Skeinwinder - All of the same great features as our standard model, but in a compact size!

Mini Swift / Skeinwinder

All of the same great features as our standard model, but in a compact size.

  1. We’ve reduced the length of the swift arms and the center dowel making the Mini:
  2. Easy to pack in a suitcase for travel.
  3. Perfect for those with limited reach.
  4. Ideal for use in workshops and at retreats.

  5. Most important to remember:
  6. Our Mini Swift/Skeinwinder will hold a skein up to a maximum of ONE YARD in circumference.
  7. The standard size for many commercial skeins is one and a half yards in circumference or larger. If you will be working primarily with these larger commercial skeins you must use our Standard Swift/Skeinwinder. They will hold skeins up to two yards in circumference.

  8. Available in these solid hardwoods: Oak, Cherry, Maple and Walnut.

Mini Swift / Skeinwinder - Umbrella Section Only: $147.00 - $177.00
Introduced in May 2013, this addition to the Strauch Fiber Equipment line of Swift/skeinwinders uses a smaller umbrella section. It's designed for artists that want to make their own small skeins or are working with embroidery yarn.

If you already have one of our standard Swift/Skeinwinders and also want a Mini, you need only to purchase the Mini umbrella section. It fits into both of our standard floor and table bases.
Compare the Mini and the Standard
Mini Model Standard Model
Table Model stands 19” high Table Model stands 27” high
Floor Model stands 34” high Floor Model stands 42” high
Winds a 1 yard skein Winds up to a 2 yard skein

Mini Swift / Skeinwinder - Floor Model: $244.00 - $290.00

(Cherry wood shown in photo)

Mini Swift / Skeinwinder - Table Model: $219.00 - $265.00

(Maple wood shown in photo)

Swift / Skeinwinder - Combination Floor and Table Models: $258.00 - $315.00

We offer special pricing to our customers who purchase the Floor Swift/Skeinwinder and the Table base at the same time as a three-piece combination.

(Walnut wood shown in photo)
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