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Choosing Which Strauch Spinner's Carder is Best for You

Spinner's carders are designed to produce very smooth batts desired by hand-spinners. If your primary desire is to make those cool, textured batts, look at the Mad Batt'r. Click here for details .

Feature Finest Finest
200 Series 200 Series
Processes any fiber X X X X X
Unique Slicker-Licker on small drum (infeed drum) X X X X X
Chain drive (therefore most durable) X X X X  
Comes with Brush Attachment X X X X X
Handle clears table surface X X     X
High production   X   X  
Space limitations (i.e small apartment)         X
Least expensive         X
Light weight and easily portable         X
Available with coarse or medium carding cloth     X X  
Available as motorized version X X      
Can later be upgraded with a motor X X      

"X" indicates which drum carder best meets the criteria listed.

In summary:

  1. Just starting out in the wonderful world of fiber, choose a Petite.
  2. You only work with a couple of fleeces per year... a Petite is just wonderful.
  3. Really into it! Want a carder that you won't outgrow? Choose a Finest
  4. Want one with all the "bells & whistles"? Take one of the Finest series.
  5. Someday you may want a motorized carder. The Finest series is the way to go!
  6. Want a chain drive but don't need the teasing tool or table clamps and the esthetic beauty of the machine is not important?
        The model 205 will suit your needs.