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Features and Benefits

A Comprehensive List of Features and Benefits of Strauch Fiber Drum Carders

Features and Benefits of ALL Strauch Chain Drive, Wood Frame Carders


Non-slipping, durable (lifetime guarantee against breakage), never has to be replaced, NO GREASE NEEDED-EVER.

Brush Attachment

Produces fuller, loftier batts. Prevents fiber "fly-away".

Slicker-Licker (Unique to Strauch Carders)

Prevents fiber build-up on licker-in drum. Transfers of fiber to main drum evenly and quickly without damaging the fiber.

Fine card cloth (#05)

Cards ALL fibers. No need to change drums.

Teeth of both drums do not touch or intermesh

No damage to fiber or carding cloth.

Galvanized metal feed tray

Tapered design with high sides for easy feeding of fiber.

Bronze bearings

Drum turns easily. Never needs lubrication.

Aluminum bearing blocks

Stable, won't slip, warp or crack like wood or plastic.


Only routine maintenance required is cleaning. Chain drive carders are designed so it's easy to remove any fiber that has gotten to places where it doesn't belong. A very "open" machine. No concealed parts; all components easily accessible.

Modular construction

All parts are replaceable.